McIntosh County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development (McIntosh SEED) was organized in 1997 by a group of concerned citizens to address the long-standing poverty and oppressive social and political dynamics that had persisted in the community for years.

McIntosh SEED works to strengthen low-wealth families and improve neglected rural communities through asset-based economic development, education reform, empowerment, and environmental preservation.

This comprehensive community change strategy is guided by the social, economic, environmental, and cultural interests of the community and all programmatic activities are based on the organization's central organizing principles of inclusion and equality.

SEED serves 7 coastal counties in Georgia with a commitment of creating and sustaining a healthy and diverse community.

SEED acts as the "bridge" between community members and local decision makers, ensuring that all citizens' voices are heard while strengthening cross-sector relationships and trust to help sustain our efforts over time.

In addition to their local work, SEED is a part of a larger food systems movement in the rural south: partnering, sharing, and supporting other anchor organizations in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Through grassroots community organizing, McIntosh SEED continues to combat root causes of poverty while creating sustainable economic development opportunities for the area.

McIntosh SEED • P. O. Box 2355 • Darien, GA • Phone: 912-437-7821 • Fax: 912-437-4271 • Email